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«Faith and Reason» begins, the English insert of Il Timone
NEWS 3 Ottobre 2023    

«Faith and Reason» begins, the English insert of Il Timone

Il Timone is the first Italian magazine to focus on apologetics. It was founded in Milan in 1999 and is today a monthly magazine dedicated to faith and reason also distributed on newsstands in Rome and Milan (while also reaching the entire peninsula). From this month an English-language insert that takes up some of the magazine’s contents is available for the international audience.

Il Timone Faith&Reason: you will find it on our digital newsstand and it can be purchased for only € 3.90.

In this first issue there are exclusive contributions from Cardinal Gerhard L. Müller, the Bishop of Regensburg Rudolf Voderholzer and an interview with the Dominican Father Jacques-Benoît Rauscher, a Dominican friar from the convent of Lyon, in his latest book Quand l’Église s’effondre (When the Church crumbles, Editions du Cerf, not yet translated into English).

In view of the Synod on Synodality that the universal Church is celebrating this month in Rome, several crises have developed in the Church, such as that of the German Synodal Way, which has been subjected to demands for novelties such as the ordination of married priests or the blessing of gay couples. Meanwhile, especially on the web, a creeping but widespread desire to “do it yourself” has grown, one way or another, which often leads the faithful to follow and join small groups that smell strongly of schism, when not outright heresy. But is every doctrinal development acceptable? What role do apostolic succession and the primacy of Peter play in belonging to the one Church of Christ? If there is a crisis in the Church, how can a believer orient himself?

These questions are answered by the authors of the special issue.