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That Christians do not disappear from Syria
NEWS 24 Dicembre 2018    di Georges Abou Khazen

That Christians do not disappear from Syria

My dear and beloved baby Jesus,

I’m writing you as I feel nostalgia for Bethlehem, for the Cradle, for the Crib where they put you as a newborn, you know I’ve been parson in Bethlehem for 15 years, and childlike as I am, I tried to see your name just in the registers of the parish, instead I found It in the registers of the mankind. As you became a man for all the men, therefore, I beg you, help us to get us free from any kind of exclusivism and racism, to feel all of us brothers with the same duties and rights, to truly be children of the same Father and to see in You the First-born and the example.

Dear baby Jesus, as You know, in the last few years I’ve been in Syria, precisely in Aleppo. How many times I’ve been looking for You, questioning myself on where You have been in these difficult times, and I’ve seen your face and your presence in the refugees, as well as in the very first days after You were born, when You also had to flee in Egypt. I’ve seen You among the terrified children, abandoned with no water nor food nor light and with nobody taking care of them..I’ve seen You among the thousands of people who went through all the dangers of the sea and many others to save themselves, I’ve seen You among the orphans, the wounded, the unemployed and among the kidnapped. I’ve looked for You, my Jesus, in the saved houses and in the cribs of the churches not hit or destroyed, but I’ve seen You among the ruins of the abandoned houses or in the houses inhabited by people and children who don’t know where taking refuge..I don’t want to continue as You, even if child, see anything and know anything. You know all the divisions due to hatred, and how much violence in the name of your Clement and Merciful Father and how many ethnical or religious groups are denied in their right to exist.

Therefore I beg You my baby Jesus to let us hear again the hymn sung by the angels at the time of your birth: «Glory to God in the highest heaven and peace on earth to men.. »

Free us from the Herod of our times and give us the grace of being as the shepherds and meeting in peace around your Crib. Jesus, your name is sweet and vivifying, do not let that this little flock of disciples which for the first time has been called with your name in Antioch of Syria disappear from this region.

We beg You, who are the light, that we may be the light of the world and reflect your loving face.

You, Prince of peace, give us the true just and lasting peace, and let us being true peacekeepers.

You, who are the Way, show us the way that leads to the other and to reconciliation.

You, who are the Truth, let us being leaded and directed by this Truth, and not by our truths proclaimed and defended according to our interests.

You, who converted St. Paul – Saul – from persecutor to evangelizer of the Good News at the Damascus’ gates, convert our minds and our hearts. Baby Jesus, I ask you again for Peace for our countries, for the Middle Eastern region and for the whole world.

My dear Child, your name is Jesus and You are Savior, the Savior of all men! Save us from the situation in which we are now. I give You the greetings of all our children who are waiting for your Christmas. I give You the greetings, the sighs and the prayers of all your suffering brothers. I do not say “goodbye” because You are always among us, make us always feel your presence that gives us peace, joy and love.

I hope to always be yours: + Georges Abou Khazen

(pubblicato sul Timone n° 179, traduzione di Davide Burattin)

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